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Hello people, people! I'm Cat and I go to Hollywood Arts! I love potatoes, noodles, and candies and I think giraffes are really
cute, hehe.

its-your-man-andre said: Sup, little red?

Andre! … The… the sky?image

Anonymous said: Hey I love you :) x

Hey, I love you too.

harryrollin said: OMG your voice is so cute I wish i could meet you :(( x

Aww, thank you!image


@FrankieJGrande: I’ll always be #rightthere… @arianagrande


@FrankieJGrande: I’ll always be #rightthere… @arianagrande

Anonymous said: larry: I love you

I love you too!

kikan12 said: Hey Cat i Think you are very cool i love you!!<333

I love you too!

500 followers! Thank you so much, oh my God, bibble for everyone!

Anonymous said: larry: gives you flowers

kikan12 said: Hey Cat you are VERY NICE in Victorious i love it!!!!<3333333333333

Thank you!

catch-x-me said: I love you cat <33

I love you too, lovely!image